Facebook bans animal sales, Animal Rights Syndicate is implicated

Facebook bans animal sales and leash-making products

I got on Facebook a few years ago when my late bitch’s breeder said that Facebook is where breeders sell their dogs. Buying from a breeder is the best option for getting a new dog because you will get consistency in temperament and health based on the breed and the breeding lines.

Buying a resale dog, whether it has the emotion-generating term of “rescue” or “adoption,” is always a high-risk proposition that can be very rewarding for some people and tragic for other people. People should not buy a resale dog, unless they have extensive dog ownership experience. The risks of uncertain temperament and unknown health issues are too great for novice animal owners. When the resale dog is a mix of breeds, then the risks increase because different breeds have different characteristics, so a mixed breed dog will have an uncertain mix of characteristics.

Facebook has recently banned conscientious sales of animals and products in favor of risky animal resales. These bans have included banning animal sales from breeders. Breeders offer lifelong commitments to the puppies they sell and will help owners with their dogs throughout the lives of the dogs. Dog breeders will work together to find new homes for dogs when buyers are unable to keep their dogs. Dog resellers do not offer these services and many have vilified dog owners who are unable to care for or keep their dogs. This habit of breeders to stay committed to the dogs they produce is the leading reason why purebred dogs are rarely found abandoned. Facebook has sent a strong message to breeders who want to stay connected to the dogs they sell and their buyers. “Stay off of Facebook.”

Long-time Facebook users have left Facebook in favor of other social media platforms that include MeWe, Faceplay, Dog People Life, and the newly launched and still in development, Animal People Club from Pet Law News.

Facebook is a private company and it has constitutional rights to control its own property. Animal promoters, like conscientious owners, breeders, farmers, exhibitors, hunters, merchandise sellers, trainers, and other animal people have used Facebook to network with each other and to promote animals, products by and for animals, and animal breeds. Recent actions against animal promoters have included Facebook bans, Facebook page deletions, and Facebook bans against animal promotion. Some Facebook members who sell leather goods for making dog leashes have said they had posts removed for “violating community standards.”

Animal promoters have claimed that restrictions against animal promotion is fueled by the Animal Rights Syndicate that is dominated by three organizations that each net hundreds of millions of dollars per year for antagonizing animal promotion and animal promoters. The animal rights syndicate has been implicated in racketeering, terrorism, killing animals in transport, killing animals in shelters, sending animals to “high-kill” shelters to be killed, and countless attacks against animal owners.

The “Big Three” of the syndicate are Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and its subsidiaries, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) that is a single New York animal shelter, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that owns an animal killing facility in Virginia. All three organizations actively solicit “donations” to “help” animals but most of their income is used in lobbying for legislation against animal owners, against farmers, against animal use, and against animal promotion.

None of the big three of the animal rights syndicate help animal shelters directly. ASPCA takes the forefront for misleading donors that it helps animal shelters. It collected over $263 million in 2017. ASPCA is an animal rights corporation began as a single, small animal shelter in New York managing a low volume of shelter animals each year. The animal rights organization has expanded itself as an antagonist organization against animal owners, animal breeders, and animal entertainers. ASPCA claims on its website that its “funding priorities are focused on saving more lives through animal shelter and rescue grants that decrease the number of animals entering shelters and increase the number of animals going home.”

The ASPCA “grant” page lists five bullet points for its “grants” to animal shelters. First on the list is its participation in animal resale events titled, Mega Match-a-thon, and ASPCA Subaru “Share the Love” Shelter-Dealer Events where ASPCA claims it received $2.9 Million in donations for its one shelter. The animals shelters that “win” grants from ASPCA are not provided money but are provided ASPCA logo apparel for animals and people, ASPCA advertising for one adoption event, and ASPCA literature.

ASPCA’s second brag is that it transports animals between different shelters and is not a multi-million-dollar enterprise. In one animal transport, ASPCA killed 22 dogs in one of its vans and refused to notify law enforcement. ASPCA has also taken displaced animals from disasters and transported them 100s to 1000s of miles from their homes so their owners will never find them again. Sometimes, ASPCA takes animals and kills them when there are people who care for the animals.

Third in its list of “Animal Shelter & Rescue Grants,” ASPCA lists that it prepares “Special Requests for Proposals (RFPs)” for specific New York programs and programs named after celebrity animals. While ASPCA collects money from all over the United States and other parts of the world, it only pays for a small selection of projects in New York, that include selling retired race horses. The fourth bullet in ASPCA’s grant list is paying for spay and neuter programs in New York. The last form of “shelter and rescue grant” ASPCA lists is hosting conferences and providing scholarships. Nowhere, does ASPCA list helping shelters outside of New York. American is in ASPCA’s name but the practices of ASPCA do not help American animal shelters.

ASPCA has shown itself to be a deplorable animal rights organization that misleads donors and antagonizes animal owners. They have exhibited barbaric cruelty to animals and sinister actions against animal promoters. Facebook is methodically banning animal promotion and driving away animal people in favor of the animal rights syndicate. Facebook has provided prominent support for the repugnant syndicate top runner, ASPCA, and has supported another diabolical animal rights corporation, HSUS. In twisted move of aggression against animal people, Facebook has allowed the often criminal, PETA, to be a Facebook shareholder.

It is the right of Facebook to run its platform as it chooses. Facebook has chosen to align itself with the animal rights syndicate that is always hostile to animal people and often dangerous to animal promoters.